Jilting the Duke

Jilting the Duke - Rachael Miles This is book two in the "The Muses' Salon" series. This is also Rachael Miles debut book. I did enjoy the book and the story was somewhat different then some Historical Romances. Our heroine, Sophia Gardiner has had a hard time of it and along the way had to make some bad choices. Sophia met and fell in love with our hero, Aidan Somerville, Duke of Forster some 10 years ago. But Aidan at the time was a solider and had to leave. They became engaged just before he left but they were to keep it to themselves. But 10 years later Aidan finds that he has been put in guardianship of Sophia son. Sophia had up and married Aidan best friend shortly after Aidan had left her. Now in the present day Aidan is a spy, and has been set to keep an eye on Sophia and along with his new guardianship of her son their paths are set to meet again. I am really glad to have found this author and cannot wait to see how her writing grows!