One Scandalous Kiss: An Accidental Heirs Novel

One Scandalous Kiss: An Accidental Heirs Novel - Christy Carlyle This is my first book by Christy Carlyle, but it won't be my last. I loved this book and the writing. I liked how there were really no "bad guys", I liked the secondary Characters and hope to see their stories in the future. This is the first book in the "Accidental Heirs" series. Our heroine is Jessamin Wright, who is running her father's book store since he has past away. Her father left her with a lot of debts. Jessamin is talked into kissing our hero, Lucius Crawford, Viscount Grimsb for money. Jessamin thinking that the money would help her greatly with her bills decieds to go ahead with the plan. Lucius is not really a bad guy. He is a serious person with family debts too that he is trying to work on. Lucius plan is to marry a for money...but once that kiss happens it puts them both on a different path. I really loved this story and had to read it in one day! I hope that you find you like this book too!