Swords and Shields (Reign of the House of de Winter)

Swords and Shields (Reign of the House of de Winter) - Kathryn Le Veque This is the story of Drake the son of Davyyss and Devereux from the book ' Lespada' (de Winter series, book 1). You don't have to read that book to enjoy this one but I really liked "Lespada" and would recommend reading it just because it was so good.
Sir Drake de Winter saved the King and the King has set to honor him by marring him to a Heiress with land and title. Drake father and mother have been trying to get him to marry and so they go along with this marriage idea. Drake doesn't no want to settle down yet and does as his father did and send a sword in place of him for the marriage vows. Lady Elisaveta du Reims does not want to marry either. Elisaveta has been living in a convent due to the fact she is not close to her family. Her father wanted a son and her mother and grandmother are set on revenge. Elisaveta father is happy with the ideal and the grandmother/ mother think to use her as a spy to her husband family and king. Once Elisaveta and Drake meet at the wedding they both find they are attracted to each other. Drake find he enjoys his wife and grows to love her. Elisaveta finds she too loves her husband and is torn from being scared of her grandmother and her threats if she does not spy. This starts their trouble relationship that grows. This is an emotional book and I did enjoy the story greatly and hope that you will too.