How To Bed A Baron

How To Bed A Baron - Christy English Although it is mentioned in the introductions that I read about this book it is actually 1.5 book to the series "Broadswords and Ballrooms". This is the story of the side character in "How to Seduce a Scot" about Baron Farleigh after he was left on the side of the road by Catherine Middlebrook the heroine from that book. Baron Farleigh is sitting at a roadside Inn when he old friend and love Serena Davenport comes running in. Serena is trying to avoikd a man that is trying to take away a artifact that her father found Serena is trying to get in to a safe place where is work can be viewed. When she sees Baron Farleigh she knows she will be okay. He takes her back to his home and from their they look into their old feelings.