Much Ado About Highlanders

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
"Much Ado About Highlanders " by May McGoldrick is about the story of Alexander Macpherson and Kenna Mackay. This starts with Alex and Kenna have married about 6 months ago and her running away the night of their marriage.

In the present day we find Kenna and her cousin getting kidnapped after Kenna just helped a lady give birth. Kenna is a healer of sorts and this was the first time she did a birth by herself. Kenna's cousin and her are walking back from helping the lady give birth when they were both 'kidnapped'.
They were looking for Kenna's cousin but wasn't sure which was which so they took both.
This leads us to the women being taken to Alex who is looking to use the cousin as leverage to get their ship back that her family has. Alex had no ideal that they would kidnap his wife who he hasn't seen since she up and left him.

Kenna too is surprised to see Alex and she understands why they were taking but she doesn't plan on her or her cousin staying around to help them out. So Kenna thinks up a plan that day for them to get out.... but as you would know Alex is on to her.

Alex is still atracted to Kenna but he feels that she is like a 'falcon' that you can't make them stay with out really taking away the 'wild' part that you like. So he really wants Kenna to come to him willing but it looks like a problem that isn't easily going to be resolved.

Kenna too is attracted to Alex but she has had issue with her family and had it in her mind to leave her new husband right after the wedding. Then after she leaves she finds that he was in the bed with another women...he swears it was a joke by his younger brother.

These two have a lot to overcome and clear up...can they do it?