The Hunter

The Hunter - Kerrigan Byrne This is book two in the "Victorian Rebels" series. I have read book one " The Highwayman" but this book in a standalone book, so you don't have to have read that book to enjoy this one. With that said I must say both theses books are so good I would not miss a one! When I had read the first book I though this series couldn't get any better but than I read this book and knew that this was now my favorite book! This had so much emotional upset and so much feeling that it just took you into the story and would let you go. I had to read the book in one sitting and just could not put it down! Christopher Argent had a a really hard childhood and seem not to get any better once he had grown up. Christopher was born in a prison to his mother who was accused of prostitution, steeling and other charges. She was to spend 15 years there. She was abused by the guards and did things to help keep her son feed and warm. But one day with on four years or so left to go she was brutality attacked in prison with her son, Christopher watching. Christopher stayed in prison until he was of age. From there he and his fellow friends in prison started being men for hire..assassins. Years later he is ask to do a kill on a actress who he is told is nothing better than theft, whore and mean person. When Christoper goes to kill Millie LeCour, he finds he is greatly attracted to him and that she makes him feel things he hasn't felt since his mom was alive. Each time he attempts to kill her, he can't go through it. Christopher decided to save her and help her and her son at a cost of one night with him. Millie is taken back by him and is scared of him after his first attempt on her life. Millie is hiding a secret that possible is related to why she is being stalked and with a price on her head. When Christopher comes up with his offer to protect her a the price he mentions she goes along with it for the protection of her son. Millie starts to learn more about Christopher and she starts to understand why he has become the person he is today. This is really roller coaster ride in a story and your heart breaks for Christopher so much. I cannot wait for the next book in this series! I just wish I could give this book more that five stars!!