The Madness of Lord Westfall

The Madness of Lord Westfall - Mia Marlowe This is book two in the "The Order of the MUSE " series by Mia Marlowe. I have not read the previous book (The Curse of Lord Stanstead) so for me I found this to be a stand alone book. Yes, they do mention the couple from the other book and I would assume the first book covers the team getting together and how our hero was freed from the Bedlam....but I didn't feel the need that I had to read that book first to enjoy this one. And I did enjoy this is another hot love story by Ms. Marlowe. Our hero, Pierce Langdon, Viscount Westfall is able to read other people's mind and the group has set their sites in a certain gentleman that our heroine is a "courtesan" for the man that they want to further investigate. Our heroine, Lady Nora Claremon has had a sad and tough life so far. Nora has lost her husband who was a Doctor and who her parents did not approve of. Which made her family disowned her then her husband was killed. So she had to choose to be a courtesan to make a living. When Pierce first sees her he is so taken with her..and she is with him. This starts their story of struggle to be together... I liked this book a lot and hope that you do too.