The Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe

The Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe - Kim Lawrence Sebastian Rey-Defoe is about to get married to a women he thinks is perfect for him. He doesn't love her but thinks she meet his qualification to be a non-emotional wife. Mari Jones and her twin brother were left abandon and they both have issues over it but Mari seems to take responsibility of her brother and always taking up for him. So when he is hurt in a car accident that possible has him not walking due to him being upset that Sebastian didn't think he was good enough for his sister. Mari goes to get some revenge for her and her brother. Because years ago Sebastian had said mean things to her and some people that were around them. So Mari goes to the church were Sebastian is getting married and objects to the marriage. Mari thinking she would just cause a issue not actually stop the marriage. But she ended up causing the marriage to not take place and now Sebastian seems to be in her business all the time.