Bound Beneath His Pain

Bound Beneath His Pain - Stacey Kennedy I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'Bound Beneath His Pain' by Stacey Kennedy is book one in the "Dirty Little Secrets" series. This book does have a very small cliffhanger that set you up for the next couple for book two. Nothing major but just wanted to mention it.

I not sure I can say enough about this book! It had the hot alpha male hero Micah Holt who hasn't done a relationship since he was engaged and it ended badly. Micah has always felt guilty for his fiancé and what happened to her after she found out his sexual preference. So Micah has been only in non permit relationships except for a women that knows the score on what he needs.

Allie Bennett is the women that is trying to make it on her own and go by the lesson her mother taught her. That money does not mean happiness and that people are what really matter. Allie parents died when she was around 15 years old. Her older half-brother who she hadn't really know took her in and tired to get her to be open with his money and the rich lifestyle. But even though Allie and her brother grew close she wanted to be her own person.

Allie and Micah meet when Micah is taking over a Real state company that Allie works at. When they meet they are both attracted to each other and although Allie tries to fight it, Micah wants to go forward with it.

This deals with Micah wanting Allie but he doesn't think he can became what he thinks she needs. Allie has a hard time getting past him being well off and his sometimes cold treatment.

Really hot, emotional page turner! Loved it!

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