Magnate - Celia Aaron This is book two in the "Acquisition" series. This is book one in the "Acquisition" series. This book is one that you cannot put down but also one that has strong physical/ mental hurt between Sinclair and Stella, so beware of that when considering this for you book to read. Also there is a cliffhanger leading into the next book. I could not put this book down so for me I was able to work with the story.
This story continues with Stella hurt from Sinclair's hurtful words choose to go with his brother Lucius and have him be her 'owner' for the rest of the complication and trials. Lucius too has been fighting feelings for Stella but he feels he can be stronger and not feel the upset that Sinclair seems to be fight with about the painful 'trials' that Stella has to go through. This book goes forward with a Christmas trial that is to be one of the worst ones that Stella will have to deal with. Also there is the struggle between brothers over ownership of Stella and her feelings for them.