A Game of Persuasion

A Game of Persuasion - Emma Locke This is book three in "The Naughty Girls Book" series. I am reading these books out of order and have read book 4 before reading this book. I didn't really find it a problem for me and felt it was a standalone book. I will say it does kind of leave you hanging somewhat as you wait for book 4. It also had some of the continued story from the previous book that left you hanging in that book. I am still enjoying the series and I love the author but looking back I do think I wish I went in order of books just because I like to catch up with the previous characters that I have read about. I just find I like that better. Our heroine is in love with her brother's best friend. She of course is like a sister to him and there start's Lucy problem. Lucy is trying to get our hero to see her in a different light. But she does not wish to marry him, only have one night with him, our hero, Roman Alexander.

I want to say also that this book does have a ending that leaves you hanging until the next book.. But it ended in a way I can live with. Just be warned that it is a continuation story.