Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince

Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince - Ella Quinn This is book eight in "The Marriage Game" series. Ella Quinn is a great writer and I have been loving this series (although I have missed one book out of the series). I have found these book to be a stand alone books and there are no real cliff hangers.. which I appropriate! Our heroine is Meg Featherton, who has been having a tough time finding a husband. They are many that like her but the two men she thought would be a good husband were found to be dangerous or living their life in a lie. So Meg has found that she is no longer going to look for love in a husband and instead my her decision based on her head. Although she has set her sites on a gentleman that she thinks would do nicely she doesn't know that her best friend is starting to care for the man. Our hero, Damon, Marquis of Hawksworth has liked Meg since he was first introduced to her but she had been in a relationship and near marriage to another man. But now that Meg is on the "market" again he is not letting his chance slip by him this time. But Meg has decided that he isn't the man for her and tries to stay cold toward him. This starts their love story and how they come to be... I really enjoyed this book and hope that you do too!