Grey - E.L. James I love the E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey series and was so excited to get this one with Grey's incite. But I think I must have build it up to high in my mind, for when I read the book, I felt a little let down. I thought I would be seeing more of Christian Grey struggles with fighting his attraction to Anastasia Steele. I also thought that this book would cover all the previous books so that we would not have to have a series of the "Grey" books. But that was not the case. The book ended a little later than the first. Also the emails took up a lot of the pages I thought. So it added to my feelings about this book. With that said, I still loved the book and was tempted to give it a 4 start rating but couldn't get over my hurt of not being the complete set of books in one setting. I hate that we are more than likely are going to have to keep buy books to get to the end of the "Grey Series" of thoughts. Anyway, I still read this book in one setting and I am happy to have the book. I hope that you find you enjoyed it too!