If You Deceive

If You Deceive - Kresley Cole This is book three in the series "The MacCarrick Brothers". In book two "If you Desire" it touched on their story a little and also this book brought you up to what is now going on in with our characters in book 1 (If you Dare). But overall this is a stand alone book, so don't worry if you are reading these out of order. I have just started reading some of the books by Kresley Cole but I can tell you that I am hunting more down. I had to read this book and book 2 in one sitting...yes I did have a book hangover going into work the next day...but I just could not put this book down! This book made me cry, made me mad and most of all made me fall in love with their story!
Our heroine is Madeleine van Rowen, who has had a hard life after her parents death. She is having to fight, steal and do whatever she can to survive. She tries to go visit some of her friends to try and find a rich husband to help her and her other friends that live in the slums. She meets our hero, Ethan MacCarrick who is just as hard core at fighting and trying to survive as our heroine. Ethan is not so trusting after being scared by unjustly by our heroine's parents. Which she don't know anything about, nor does she know he is the reason she has loss so much. So, starts our story of love overcoming the hurt and pain of the past. Bewared this is a up and down book that will make you cry and will make you fall in love too. Ethan does have some good and bad points but once in love he is nothing but devoted to her. The love scene are really hot too!! I hope you enjoy this book and the series as much as I did!