Savage Nights: The Savage Trilogy

Savage Nights: The Savage Trilogy - Mia Gabriel This is book two in the "Savage Trilogy" series. I have not read book one 'Lord Savage' yet, so I was taken back that this book was a continuation of book one. But they go over their history enough for me to catch up so it wasn't that big of a deal when reading the book... I just liked the book so much that I had wish I had started with book one. This is also a historical romance that has our hero, Earl of Savage being very Dominance in his relationship with Evelyn Hart. So beside Evelyn being our heroine, she is also his submissive.
The story picks up with Evelyn who is an American,rich widow in the car leaving a 'party' with Lord Savage. It seems they have met seven days ago where they agreed to be 'together' for seven days and nights. Evelyn had married an older man and was innocent somewhat in the way of sex and she was looking to correct that...start to enjoy life. So after meeting Lord Savage, she knows he is what she wants to awaken her from her innocent and boring life. The previous book covers their first seven days and this book picks up where they have agreed to do seven more days. Lord Savage has decided to take her to his home for those seven days. There also is someone else who would like to have Evelyn and he is not taking no for an answer. So they are also having to deal with that issue too. When this book ended I didn't feel it had a cliffhanger and felt it ended good. Although I wouldn't have minded if there is another book as I enjoyed this one.