Highland Awakening (Highland Knights, #2)

Highland Awakening (Highland Knights, #2) - Jennifer Haymore I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book two in the "Highland Knights" series but also has as the heroine Lady Esme Hawkins who is the sister to the men in the "House of Trent" series by Jennifer Haymore. This also has from the first book in that series 'The Duchess Hunt ' Simon and Sarah in this book. Lady Esme is living with them. So besides continue the 'Highland Knight' series it also has the 'House of Trent'. With that said this is still a standalone book. You really don't have to read the other books to enjoy this one but I would say you are missing out on some great stories. I have fallen in love with this series "Highland Knights" and quickly read the books as they become available. This one was no different.. I had to read it in one setting!
Lady Esme Hawkins unknown to her family has been writing Romance Novels and getting them published. Esme knows her family has been through some tough times that the town has made in to bigger deals. So she knows her family does not want another scandal and she herself is so awkward with the town. To save them from the latest talk of the town she has accepted a proposal from a family friend. But that doesn't stop Esme from doing research for her books or continuing them. On one of her outings to a whorehouse she meets Camden McLeod who is a Highland Knight guarding someone that he has been paid to protect. They both feel a fast attraction and cannot help but steal a kiss. A few days later Camden is at a dinner at the House of Trent given by Esme brother. Although Cam did not know who she was he now knows. Cam wants her and doesn't understand why she would be trying to marry such a boring man. Cam cannot stay away from her and starts to make changes into her life. I cannot say enough about this book...I truly loved it!!