Highland Burn

Highland Burn - Victoria  Zak This is book one in the "Highland Burn" series. This also my first book by Victoria Zak...but I must say after reading this one I quickly went for the other books in this series. I loved this book.
Abigale Bruce has lived in a convent since she was little. Abigale was sent their by her father the King of Scotland. Abigale was sent there for her own protection during a war. Once the war was over she was sent home but her father quickly made a marriage match for her. James the Black Douglas has been talked into marring Abigale sight on seen in exchange for land. James agrees because the King is a friend and he wants the land. James decided to try an deep Abigale away from him and not be a true marriage because he is a dragon and because of his past hardships. But when James and Abigale meet there are sparks and they both are finding it hard to fight them.