At the Spy's Pleasure

At the Spy's Pleasure - Tina Gabrielle This is the first book I have read by Tina Gabrielle and I find that I loved this one so much that I am getting her others. This is the second in a series "In the Crown Secret Service" I found that you didn't have to read the books in order to enjoy them.. so if you are like me reading them out of order don't worry. The heroine is a widowed named Jane, Countess of Stanwell.. Jane has had a bad marriage and takes it into her head to find out what she has been missing from her marriage bed. There enters a hero Gareth Ramsey who is a undercover spy. Jane list of possible lovers has name on it! Gareth is also trying to protect Jane so their is a mystery in this story. I also like the secondary charters in this book and would recommend this book!