Highland Spitfire (Highland Weddings)

Highland Spitfire (Highland Weddings) - Mary Wine This is book one in the "Highland Weddings" series. Mary Wine is one of my favorite authors and when you see her name on a book you know that you are getting a great book/read!
Ailis Robertson is starting to think that she would like to marry but has no one in mind. No one sees to catch her attention. But she if forced to marry Bhaic MacPherson and he is also forced to marry her. They were forced because both their family's have been fighting for years and it has been set to end it by joining them in marriage. At first they try to avoid being married and possible get a annulment. But their attraction and they dream of stopping the feud makes them decided to try an work things out between them. Allis does have a hard time fitting into his clan family and has a lot to overcome with them. This is just another great book! Loved it!