Some Like it Scot (Scandalous Highlanders)

Some Like it Scot (Scandalous Highlanders) - Suzanne Enoch Suzanne Enoch is one of my favorite authors! Me. Enoch books never disappoint..and always give you a emotional attachment to the book..characters. This is book four in the "Scandalous Highlanders". I have read most of the series...just missing one of the books. So I thought the books were stand alone for reading if like me you are jumping around in the series. The books do talk of other characters from the other books but it is not enough to ruin this book or the others. So don't worry about what order you are reading them.
Our heroine is Catriona MacColl, who along with trying to help her sister escape an unwanted marriage, is also trying to run from a secret she is hiding. Cat has been pretty much raised as a "son" and is able to hid out in and survive in the highlands of the MacLawry clan land area. This is where our hero, Munro MacLawry finds Cat hiding out. Munro is finding it hard not to help or fight his growing feelings for Cat. This is leads us into one of the best stories from Ms. Enoch. I truly enjoyed this book and had to read it in one sitting...yes another "book hangover" the next day..but so worth it. So glad to have read this book...just wish I could leave more that 5 stars! I hope you enjoy it too!