Dirty Dix

Dirty Dix - Monica  James I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book one in the "Hard Love Romance" series by Monica James
Please beware that this book ends with a cliffhanger..but it is so worth it!
I thought this book was a little different than most romance books. The majority of this book has the gentleman incite and just a few of the woman incite. The male 'Hero' Dixon is a Psychiatrist, who was engaged to be married but he caught his future bride with one of his best friends. Now a year later Dix has turn into a 'man whore' where he is obsess with sex and sin. Dix has even started to have sex with his patients. Dix is still trying to fill a whole that was left after the bad betrayal. Then a new patient starts a session with him named Juliet. By this time Dix is trying to get back on the road to right but when he sees her he can't seem to fight his desire for her. While trying to fight his desire for Juliet he ends up meeting Madison who he save her from altercation with a date who is trying to force her into more than she wants. Dix is quickly drawn to Madison but he senses from her that she is a really nice, innocent girl who makes him tongue tied. Madison when starting to leave him looks backs and tell Dix where she works and if he wants to see her again to go there. Dix is stunned but comes away from meeting her know that at this point in his life and all the bad things he has been doing that she deserved someone better than him. So when a choice comes if he is going forward with Juliet to be her 'sex buddy' or to go further with Madison to actually be in a relationship he choices Juliet. But Dix cannot get Madison out of his mind and finds sex lacking now some since meeting her.
This book kind of made you hate Dix for doing this to Madison... but it shows you sometimes you have to make the wrong choice to know the right choice.