Shared for Love

Shared for Love - Nancy Corrigan I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

"Shared for Love" by Nancy Corrigan is book two in the 'Kagan Wolves' series. I have not read the previous book and I found that I wished I had. Ethan Jager and Hannah Kagan had seem to have meet in the previous book. Ethan and Noah seem also to have an ongoing relationship that might have been talked about in the previous book.
Although this story did catch you up I just felt I would have liked to have the chance to read about it first before continue this book. I still enjoyed the book but just felt it would have taken it to the next level for me.

Ethan has been fighting his feelings for Hannah since he met her 6 months ago. Ethan feels that she is his mate but Ethan is also in love with Noah who they have been in a relationship for several years that they have kept on the down-low. To deal with his feelings Ethan has tried to stay away 'emotional' from both until he can decided to tell Noah that he needs to mate with Hannah. But Ethan thinks he will have a hard time leaving Noah too.

Noah happens to meet Hannah after she has seen Ethan and he smells Ethan on her. Noah feels also drawn to her and talks to her some. Afterwards Noah goes to Ethan to talk to him about what is going on with him and Hannah. After talking with Ethan some he learns they have only been just dating and nothing has gone further. Noah talks to Ethan about seeing if Hannah would have them both...but Ethan does think his 'wolf' would allow it and also that Ethan doesn't want anyone to know about him and Noah.

Overall this was a good book and I was really glad to have the chance to read it.

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Follow my reviews through these links..thanks!