Sinful Confessions (Cynfell Brothers Book 1)

Sinful Confessions (Cynfell Brothers Book 1) - Samantha Holt This is the first book in the series "Cynfell Brothers". It is a stand alone book so it does have a ending. This is also a short read book about 100 to 120 pages. The hero, Julian Cynfell, the Marquess of Lockwood is having bad luck keeping his wives from dying. So he thinks he is cursed and the town is put off by him. So he basically stays home and drinks. But he has been writing letters to an American Girl who is the daughter of one of his merchants friends. The heroine is Viola Thompson and she has been ruined for marriage in the US and happens to start writing the hero. Viola reads one of the letters and feels he is inviting her to come to his house. Which starts their love story.