Ash: Love Me Harder - Alien Paranormal Romance

Ash: Love Me Harder - Alien Paranormal Romance - Serena Simpson, Keriann McKenna This is actually a continuation of the "Love me Harder" series. I would say book seven in that series.
This is the story of Ash and Brook... they actually met in book 5 Titled "Hale' in the Love Me Harder series. It was a brief meeting it was a meeting were they set a date to meet again. This book picks up where there have been years passed since that meeting. We find that Brook did not show up to the meeting and has not been seen again. Ash thought her to be dead since she was a human and had a health issue. But years and years later in their present day we find that Brook was 'frozen' and not to be brought back until there was a cure for her illness. Five months later after coming out of the 'frozen' state she is released and she goes to where they were to meet. Ash who can't forget Brook goes there sometimes to remember her and he goes there today and they meet again. While there someone tries to kill Brook and they go on the run. This starts their love story.