When the Splendor Falls

When the Splendor Falls - Laurie McBain This is the second release of this book.. the first being in the late 80's. I am glad that it is being release again as this is another one that I missed. I also like that with the new book they have updated the cover some which to me helps when getting a better picture of the couple. This is a long book about 700 pages so it is well worth the money not to mention that it was a really good read. Our hero is Neil Braedon who had been captured by the Comanches as a child and raised in that involvement. But Neil was 'rescued' later and sent to school were he graduated at Yale. Although he is to be a gentlemen the Comanche raising has left him not want to be a gentlemen. Our heroine, Leigh Alexandra Travers met Neil in woods by chance. Neil thinking she was a maid stole a kiss from her...which changed both of their courses. Leigh felt her gentleman fiancé was now lacking. Neil wanted Leigh like no other women he has met. They don't out and out say their feeling right away so this start their story how what they had to overcome to be-together. I enjoyed having this book and hope that you will too.