Smoke and Fire: A Dark Kings Novel

Smoke and Fire: A Dark Kings Novel - Donna Grant I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This Smoke and Fire book has all the Smoke and Fire Part 1-4 included in this one. There is still a cliffhanger in it to lead us in the the next book. Also Smoke and Fire has several characters from previous series by Donna Grant. I have read the Reaper series and was able to catch up with what they are doing now. But I haven't yet read the other series so this really can be a standalone book.
This is the story of Ryder and Kinsey. We find that three years ago Ryder was in a year long relationship with Kinsey but up and left with just a note for her to find. Kinsey didn't understand why Ryder left and she had taken his leaving very hard.
Kinsey is headed to a new assignment for work that ends up taking her in contact with Ryder again. A few weeks before this meeting we find that Ryder was help to battle the Dark ones in her town and Kinsey saw Ryder come out of his dragon form when trying to save her. Kinsey didn't speak to him as she was so shocked that she ran from him. Now in the present day Kinsey and Ryder are working together to try to find out who sent Kinsey to them and why. Everyone things someone is controlling the situation. Ryder and Kinsey work to prove her innocent of any wrong doing. Kinsey is trying to fight her feelings for Ryder as she has sworn never to fall for him again. Ryder is doing the opposite, Ryder realizes that he made a mistake three years ago and now is trying to get back with Kinsey.

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