An Enchanted Spring: Mists of Fate - Book Two

An Enchanted Spring: Mists of Fate - Book Two - Nancy Scanlon I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book two in the "Mists of Fate" by Nancy Scanlon. I have not yet read the first book 'The Winter Laird ' (but now I want it!) so for me this was a standalone book. There was some time travel, macho men and a stalker.
Emmaline Perkins seem to have it all at one point...but that slowly ended. They man she was engaged to she caught cheating on her. Then he was put in jail for getting into a fight. So her personal went out the came her job. Emmaline was a PR and although some of the other people didn't like her as much she was doing a good job. But that all ended when her ex got out of jail and started ruing her career. Emmaline met Aidan MacWilliam who wanted her to help him with an auction where unknown to Emmaline, Aidan was trying to get back his sword and other belongings. While Aidan was trying to convicne Emmaline to join him with his goal of getting he things back... Aidan sees what Emmaline's ex is doing and Aidan sets out to help her. Emmaline and Aidan have much to overcome to get them to their happy ending.