Betrayed (World Without Love)

Betrayed (World Without Love) - Jaye Frances This is book one on the "World Without" series by Jaye Frances. This book does have a cliffhanger that set you up for the next book 'Reunion' and also has little romance in it. It was a story I thought more of how a person came to be into the Sex Slave Industry and how Jewel tried to survive after her husband lost her in a card game to the Captain that was into the Sex Slave Business.
Jewel did not believe at first that her husband really did such a thing and tried to get him to speak up and say it was a joke but there was no joke. Jewel was taken on a ship to be transported to a auction for sex slaves. While on the ship the Captain had her get 'ready' and be 'trained' for the business by having her have sex with the different men on the ship. The one bright spot that help her deal with the situation was Annie who also had been taking aboard a few years ago but has since made a deal with the Captain to work as the cook. Jewel has had to learn how to deal with some really hard things that you normal could not think would happen. I thought it was interested incite and how sad things are in the Sex Slave Business.