The Moon Rider

The Moon Rider - Virginia Brown This is a very moving and emotional book I thought. I could not put it down! The story is about the sixth Earl of Wolverton aka Chance and Rhianna. Chance parents both died of the fever and his elder brother died in a war. So Chance is left alone and being the new Earl of Wolverton. His drunk/gambling Uncle comes to claim him and that has Chance very upset as he know his Uncle will run through his money. One day Chance happens to riding on his land and finds a gypsy camp. There he meets Rhianna and they form a friendship. Rhianna to has lost her mother and doesn't know who or where her father is. So they bond over that hurt and also Rhianna is a way for Chance to escape the awful life his Uncle has made. One day when Chance goes to meet Rhianna he finds her camp and everyone there gone along with her. He had been unable to come see her for three days because he had to keep an eye on his Uncle. The hurt of Rhianna leave just set in to Chance not to love anyone and that he was basically alone. But eight years later Rhianna and Chance are destine to meet again! I truly loved this story and enjoy it so much. I would recommend this book highly. I hope that you will enjoy it too!!