Dark Alpha's Embrace: A Reaper Novel

Dark Alpha's Embrace: A Reaper Novel - Donna Grant This is book two in the "Reaper" series. I have read book one 'Dark Alpha's Claim' but I total felt this was a standalone book. So if you haven't read book one yet it won't be a problem for you.
Kyran is a Reaper but also him and his friends are trying to save half-Fae who are being stalked and killed because they are half-blood. Which lead him and his friends to a historical library where they are looking for clues to help stop the hunters. There Kyran meets the librarian whose name is River and she is found to be half-Fae. River is very protective of the books she is guarding and fight them about taking the books. Kyran and his friends find that the books are in a language that they cannot understand and they go back for River to get her to help them. Along with them wanting to protect her since she will be in danger too. Kyran and River are attracted to one another rather quickly. River is also trying to hid from someone that has been killing her family and she knows they will be coming for her too. This starts their story of trying to over come past and future things so that they can be together. There is a small cliffhanger at the end but nothing really to do with them..just the issue/mystery that they all have been wanting to solve...its there to start the next book and love story. I enjoyed this book and hope that you will too.