Heir to the Pack

Heir to the Pack - Laura Welling It starts with Annie(the heroine), her son and her mom in the driveway at Dash's (the hero) house. Annie is there to confront Dash about their son that is ill. Dash knows nothing about the child and Annie and him separated three years ago after on three nights together. Dash is a Werewolf who when mated with a human can not have children. So Dash is a little taken back but little Jack does seem to look like him. Dash has never really forgotten Annie and of course Annie has been thinking of Dash. We find that someone is trying to kidnap little Jack, Annie and her mom. So Dash quickly takes them into his house until they can sort everything out. This was a good read and there were some hot love scene at the end. The secondary characters were also good and I really enjoyed the book and hope that you do too!