Forbidden - Jess Michaels This is the first book in the series : The Wicked Woodleys". I have read several Jess Michaels books and she never lets me down. Her books are really a good, quick and a hot read! Our hero, Jude Samson is seen a brother of sorts to the Woodley family. But Jude does not have "brotherly" feelings toward the heroine and youngest of the family. Our heroine, it would appear that Jude has another secret of sorts to keep them from finding out. Lady Audrey is missing her sister, that left a year ago. Also she is trying deal with her feelings for Jude as he is doing with his feelings for her. Neither knows the other one is feeling more than friendship toward each other. This starts our story of love and passion with them being put to the test by being off on the family country estate. I am so glad to have this book and hope that you to will enjoy it!