A Duchess in Name (The Grantham Girls)

A Duchess in Name (The Grantham Girls) - Amanda  Weaver This is book one in the "The Grantham Girls " series. This is also my first book by this author but it surly will not be my last. I enjoyed having this book and how Victoria Carson and Andrew Hargrave story came to be. Victoria who is an Wealthy American lady that has been raised by her mom to secure a English title to feed her mothers need to be more established in English society. So Victoria doesn't really except a love match and goes to do her duty. Andrew has that English title and his parents need him to marry for money. Andrew goes along with what he feels is his cold feeling parents plan but doesn't plan on being able to like the lady/Victorica. Their story is a somewhat changeling story and it does frustrate sometimes but I overall enjoyed this book and hope that you will too!