The Lion of the North (De Wolfe Pack)

The Lion of the North (De Wolfe Pack) - Kathryn Le Veque This is book four in the "de Wolfe Pack" series. You do not have to have read the other books to enjoy this one but I have enjoyed the series and would hate for you to miss this great series.
Sir Atticus de Wolfe watched his brother die but before he did die he asked him to marry his wife so that she would have protection. Also his brother said that he loved her so much he wanted to make sure she was married to the only man that he could be happy with and that was Atticus. Atticus was not happy at first with the command from his dying brother but still felt the need to satisfy is last wish. Once he meets Lady Isabeau de Shera de Wolfe again he does seem to be attracted to her. But they both have a hard time getting past the lost of their loved one. Isabeau very much liked her first husband but she finds that she is actually falling in love with Atticus. Atticus to is finding that Isabeau is not a duty to be done anymore but a wife he wants to love. They go through the changes of their feelings, their feelings for vengeance for the brother/ husband that has died.