The Billionaire's Deal: Episode One

The Billionaire's Deal: Episode One - Crystal Kaswell Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC for an honest review.
Kat Wilder is 21 years old and for the last few years has been taking care of her sister who is now 18 years old. Their parents dies a few years ago and Kat has been trying to keep them feed and housed, while trying to get her sister to go to college. While leaving a Job interview she runs into Blake and gets knocked down. Kat hurts her ankle but needs to keep going as she is due into work. Blake tries to help her with her injury but Kat has none of it. A few days later while she is at work Blake comes into the restaurant where Kat works. There Blake makes Kat a bargain/deal that if she posses as his girlfriend for a period of time to convince his dying mother that they are together then he will pay off her debts and help her sister go to college. Kat takes him up on the deal but they soon find that they are both really attracted to each other. This was a nice quick read. I really enjoyed it.