The Rock (Highland Guard)

The Rock (Highland Guard) - Monica McCarty This is book 11 in the "Highland Guard" series. I have read all the book in the series and in order but I really don't think you have too. I just like when I can to do so to keep me strait on what books I have read. But they are written so well that you don't have to worry that you are missing anything if you jump around. So I would say it is a Stand Alone Book. I really like Monica McCarty writing/books and when I see her name I know I will be getting a really good read. This book was just as good as the others~ Our hero Thomas MacGowan, met our heroine, Elizabeth Douglas when they were both young. They became fast friends even though they were from different environment. Elizabeth parents were well off and Thom father was a blacksmith. They stayed friends until the became older and Thom realized he was in love with Elizabeth. Elizabeth at the time only really thought of him as a friend and had no real thoughts of love. Elizabeth was raised to believe that her marriage would be for to better the family. Also at this tom Thom has a fallen out with Elizabeth brother over the way he hurt a friend of his (another female friend from the town that hung out with all of them) so with that and with the knowledge that her brother nor Elizabeth were accepting of his feelings he left to join the Edward Bruce’s army. But fate had different things in mind and they meet up again. This is were we find how they were able to overcome so much and to work things out to be together. A really great read that I hope you too will enjoy~~