Submissive Seductions

Submissive Seductions - Christine d'Abo This was my first time reading a book by Christine d'Abo. I found it be really good and will look for more of her books. This book was about Liz who has not had a fulfilling relationship and she sees (and hears) how her best friend and her boyfriend interact and wants to try the type of relationship that they have. So her friend takes her to a club that they go to where they are having a charity auction for guys who like to be Dom/Dominance so she can see if she likes be submissive. There she meets Gareth who she instantly likes. But after their encounter he says that he can not be in a relationship with her. Liz doesn't get over him and talks to her friend who happens to know him. This puts Liz on the path to convincing Gareth to give her and a relationship a try. This starts their journey to finding true love.
This was a ARC given for a Honest Review.