When I'm With You

When I'm With You - Kimberly Nee This is book three in the "Sebastiano" series. I have not read the other books and I did feel that I really would like too and that I would have enjoyed this book more if I had. Katie Dunn and Captain Rafe Sebastiano story seemed to have started in one of the other books.. although this book did catch you up on what their starting story was. I just felt that I would like to have started their story with them. So I would recommend get the previous books too.
Katie was once a whore due to being so poor and having to work like that to survive. In helping someone else she ends up meeting Rafe. Rafe and Katie bond quickly over their attraction to each other. Katie ends up meeting his parents who are adamant that they will not marry and that she is nothing but a whore. Rafe does not stand up for her to his parents and she leaves never to see him again..so she thinks. But seven months later Rafe arrives at a house that Katie has started working at as a maid. Katie is trying to turn her life around and no longer be a whore. Rafe has never gotten over Katie and tries to start making amend to her. But people still seem to get in the way. This starts their story of how they had so much to over come to be together.