A Duke by December

A Duke by December - Sabrina Darby This is book five in the "A Year Without a Duke" series. This is a different kind of series of books. Yes, it is a historical romance but the underling story to me (I have only read this book, book three "Seduced in September" and book four 'An Affair in Autumn') seems to be what is going on in the people lives on this property and his friends while waiting for the Duke to be found. Which isn't a bad thing.. just different. I did enjoy this book and the other books...just wanted to make the underlining story clear. Also, with that said this book (and the other I have read) were all stand alone books. You don't have to have read the other books to enjoy this one. They are also quick enjoyable reads!
Nathaniel Hughes has been told by his friend that he is the new Duke of Beckworth and that he has to come home to England...Nat had been in America starting a new life. While their helped save Elizabeth Smith and her young brother from a bad situation. Nate made Elizabeth his secretary of business. Now with this new title he is heading back home, taken her and her brother with him. There he starts to learn more about becoming a Duke and more about his attraction to Elizabeth. Of course Elizabeth has been in love with him from the start... this start their journey to love.