Highland Fate

Highland Fate - Victoria  Zak This is book three in the "Guardians Of Scotland" series. I have read the other books but I do feel this can be a standalone book. Although I enjoyed the other books so I would suggest reading them.
Sister Kate has grown up in the Dunfermline Abbey since being left there as a baby. She knows no other life. Abbey starts to feel restless and getting letters from her best friend that has since left the Abbey to marry and now has a child on the way has made her want to leave the Abbey.
One day near the outside of the Abbey she see a man injured on a horse. Kate takes him into the Abbey. There the people help to save him and get him stronger. Red Hawk, warrior chieftain of Helmfirth is a dragon but doing a battle with someone black magic was cast his way and it has made his dragon be dormant. Red Hawk wakes in the Abbey and starts to heal physically but his dragon has not yet returned. There he meets Kate who ask him to take her with him when he leaves. Kate ask him to take her to her friends house. He finally agrees but on the way hes stops at his clan place to find what happened to his family during the fight. Red Hawk is having a hard time fighting his feeling for Kate. He thinks she will not understand what he is and also he thinks his heart has been buried to long to take flight now. Kate too has been fighting her attraction with him but is more inclined to go toward her feelings. But Kate has a secret that even she doesn't know and her parents are trying to find her as someone is after her. Kate is not safe since leaving the Abbey. This starts their great love story of overcoming the past and the present to be together.