Hale - Serena Simpson, Keriann McKenna This is book five in the "Love Me Harder" series.
This is the story of Tori and Hale. Tori is a wedding planner who meet a man that became obsessed with her and wanting to sell her to a sex type ring. This man also effected her friendship with her best friend by turning her friend against her. Tori friend is set on ruining Tori's business. So, between the obsessed guy and the evil friend, Tori has decided to leave the area. But a few weeks before she leaves she meets Hale. Hale is the best man for his brother's wedding and is talked into going along to meet the Wedding Coordinator who turns out to be Tori. Hale knows as soon as he see Tori that she is his life mate. It doesn't take him long to know that Tori is in danger and he sets out to protect her. Tori is drawn to Hale but is somewhat reluctant to move forward to be his mate because of the last man being obsessed with her.
I read the previous book and quickly started reading all books after that. I really like the series.. the only negative that I can say about this book as to why its four stars is that the author does not describe the background scene or their moving scene clearly. For some less detail is the better but for me I like to have them actually moving from scene to scene with a description. But nothing that is keeping me from enjoying this series.