Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart

Secrets to a Gentleman's Heart - Samantha Grace Thanks to NetGally for this ARC for a honesty review. This is book one in the "Uncle Charlie's Angels" series. This is a great easy, fun, read that I had to finish it as soon as I started it.
Regina Darlington is the eldest of two sister. Regina and her sisters live with their Uncle who travels a lot. Regina knows how to protect herself and she does seem to be the one to look after her family. Regina has set her mind to be like her Aunt and become a spinster.
Xavier Vistoire is originally from New Orleans but some how while staying in London he made a enemy who thinks he is a spy and has held him hostage for two years. Xavier has been asked by his enemy to steal a map from the Darlington household and he will let him go. When Xavier goes there to try to steal he runs into a little dog that has alerted Regina someone is in the house. Xavier accidentally falls when the dog starts nipping at him on top of the stairs. Regina and her sister try to help Xavier when he gets hurt. This starts their love story. I have really enjoyed this book and hope that you will too.