Reckless in Pink (Emperors Of London Book 4)

Reckless in Pink (Emperors Of London Book 4) - Lynne Connolly This is book four in the "The Emperors of London". I have been jumping around in the series, so for me this is a stand alone book..but there are parts that make it easier if you do read them in order. Claudia Shaw is our heroine, and somewhat head strong..some one even call her a hellion. While going over the mail with her family (her mother looks over it before handing mail out), she get a letter from a lawyer. In the letter it is reporting that she has inherited a house. Of course her mom quickly tells her to pass the letter on to her father so that he can handle the issue. But, Claudia doesn't want to do that and instead tries to look into the issue herself. Which leads her to sneak around on her own to find out that the house is actually a brothel! Our hero, Dominic who was a soldier for the Crown, and is on one last "mission" to find a young Pretender to the British throne. But, Dominic meets a former friend who then introduces him to his two sister, one being Claudia. That is how their paths cross and once Dominic leans of Claudia house he sets off to protect her and her reputation. Claudia in turns helps him come to terms with things he has found out about his life. A enjoyable read and was glad to have the chance to read it.