How to Bewitch an Earl

How to Bewitch an Earl - Ally Broadfield This is book two in the series "How To". I will say that I have read the first book "How to Beguile a Duke' and feel that it is helpful if you read that book first. You can go without reading it but I found that I was glad that I did not. This is a sweet story that did not have any real bad person and was basically a story about Edward Adair, heir to the Duke of Boulstridge and Miss Isabella Winthrop. Edward parents are throwing a house party for Edward to find a bride. Edward doesn't want to be married yet but see no choice as his father is threatening to cut him off with out a penny. Isabella is having to work as a paid companion to help her brother out to pay off the family bills. Isabella is attending the house party and meets Edward. They both set out to solve a family mystery that is been in Edwards family for years. This draws them closer together and set them to pretend to be engaged to hold of the young women after Edwards and Isabella thinks with the money Edward is paying her she can help her brother. The just didn't count how their feels would turn to the real thing. A really nice read and I hope that you will like it too!