The Protector (Highland Brides Book 1)

The Protector (Highland Brides Book 1) - Allison  Butler This starts a new series "Highland Brides Book" by Allison Butler. I have read a few other book by Ms. Butler and have loved them..this book is now added to that list. I am excited to start this new series and can't wait for the next book! Our hero, Duff who is a lowlander has head for the Highlander area to track down his origins as they are a mystery to him and others. Once there he find himself in charge of protecting Mairi, Heiress of clan Gordon. Mairi has been set to choose a husband and her father has narrowed it down to three men. While Mairi is looking at the possible new husband, Duff is to protect her. But Duff never thought he would become jealous of the men that are fighting for her hand. This starts their story of what the overcame to be together. I enjoyed this book and hope that you will too!