Wolf on a Mission (Salvation Pack)

Wolf on a Mission (Salvation Pack) - N.J. Walters Thanks for this ARC from NetGalley/Publisher for a fair and honest review.
This is book six in the "Salvation Pack" series. I have been jumping around in the series so I would easily say this is a standalone book.
Elias Gallagher is traveling to Salvation Pack Compound with his two 'half-breed' nephews. Back in their home town 'half-breed' wolves/man are sometimes killed. Elias has heard that this Salvation Pack are said to be friends to all half-breed wolves. When they get to North Carolina area by the Salvation Pack Elias and his nephews camp out. There they meet Sue Walsh who is 100% human and has a young son. Sue too has had a hard time of it and feels an instant bond with Elias and the nephews. Elias and his 'wolf' are quickly drawn to Sue and it is hard for him to fight his attraction.
But they both are fighting their own personal battles while trying to deal with their feelings.