Nicolas - Serena Simpson, Keriann McKenna I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book four in the "Love Me Harder" series. I have not read the previous books so I thought this was a stand alone book. I will say there is a ongoing theme of a enemy trying to do them in that seems to have started in book one story line and is continue through to the other books. After reading this one I did more forward with reading the books that came after this book. I haven't yet read back wards to the begin but only forward to the current books being that I loved this when so much that I do plan on starting from the beginning but just wanted to continue with where they are at now.
This is the story of Nicolas and Janis. Janis has had a medical continuation her whole life that if she is touched by a person her skin literally burns. So she only leaves her house when there isn't many people around and she tries to avoid people as much as she can. But one day at the store she is attached by a few younger boys and at that time she thinks that she is going to died. But Nicolas who has spotted her months ago but she got away from him before he could talk to her as been watching for her. Nicolas knows from seeing her that first time that she is his mate. Nicolas after saving her takes her to his house where he is know as the family doctor in his family of shifter. There Janis realizes that Nicolas can tough her and she doesn't burn. She finds out that he is a Alien shifter and not really human. Janis also comes to the realization that someone is actually after her and it all wasn't in her head. Janis is also quickly attracted to Nicolas and knows that he believes her to be his mate. But she has trust and image issues that holds her back from going forward in acknowledging this type of relationship. This is a good love story with a good drama/mystery in it.