Scorpion: De Wolfe Pack

Scorpion: De Wolfe Pack - Kathryn Le Veque This is book three in the 'de Wolfe Pack' series. I have read all the books so far but easily feel that this is a standalone book.
Sir Kevin Hage has loved his childhood friend all his life. But when she is about 20 the King has set up a marriage for her with a Welch Boarder lord. Kevin understand the reason but he does tries to talk her into leaving her husband and go with him. She does not. This takes Kevin into a mind set that he will through himself into warfare. Kevin travels to The Levant to fight the Muslim infidels and stays there for about six years. When he comes back the King has set him to be the Captain of Arms for a Duke who also his the King's cousin.
Lady Annavieve has lived in a convent since she was a baby. Now she has been brought to the Kings notice to marry his cousin the Duke. Lady Annavieve and the Duke donot want to marry each other but that does not stop the king. The Duke does not prefer women and likes men instead. So he takes Kevin in to his confidence and orders him to bed Lady Annavieve and to do so until she is with child. That was the reason the King wanted the Duke to marry her so that he may get a someone to leave his title too. Kevin starts to realize that he might be over his first love after all because he finds himself falling in love with Lady Annavieve. Lady Annavieve also is having a hard time from not falling in love with him. I enjoyed this book and so far the series. I hope that you will enjoy it too.