Dangerous Kisses

Dangerous Kisses - Alice Lake Alice Lake is a newer author and by this book a really good author. I loved this book and can't wait for the next one by her to come out!
This is book one in the "A Guild of Hybrids" series.
Miss Lavinia Halls is a member of the Guild of Hybrids organisation that helps women who are mistreated, hurt or done wrong by a man. Each women in the organation has a specialized task or skill that are used. So depending on your skill you might be called up to work on a case. That is what happened to Lavinia. Lavinia was approached by a women that said her engagement needed to end because her fiancé had cheated on her with a friend and that she couldn't break it off with him as it would ruin her. So she wanted Lavinia to make it so that he ruin himself in the public eye and then she could end the engagement with a reason that would not hurt her. Eric Yorke, Viscount Mathieson is that fiancé. Eric starts to realizes that since meeting Lavinia his luck and public appearance is being called into question. Although Eric starts to give Lavinia a few set backs. They both are drawn to each other but try to fight it for different reason. In this book we find things aren't always what the seem. This book did provided some laughs and had really good secondary characters. You can total get into this book and enjoy it.