The Hunter Bride (Hope's Crossing, #1)

The Hunter Bride (Hope's Crossing, #1) - Cynthia Woolf
I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
'The Hunter Bride' by Cynthia Woolf is book one in the "Hope's Crossing" series.

This was a sweet, clean and different type of romance book in the way that Josephine Shafter 'Jo' had taken to being a bounty hunter to find and put to justice the people that killed her family.

Now that the goal has been met of bring them to justice, Josephine feels that she would like to make a fresh start. So she thinks to become a 'Mail Order Bride' which leads her to Sam Longworth.

Sam had a wife but she ended up leaving him and then got herself killed. So now Sam just wants a 'marriage of convince' of sorts. A wife that can give him kids and turn his house into a home but now be there for love.

Jo finds that her past is catching up to her and Sam realizes that there is more going on with Jo then what he knew.

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